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North Korea and its cities in Asia

North Korea is a medium country in Asia with 44,138.0 sq mi area (120,540.0 km2). 24,554,000 local people live there, the population density is average, circa 528 / square miles (204 / km2). The international phone area code is +850 and they use the .kp for internet tld. Current local time in North Korea: October 6, 2022, 7:03 am. The geometric center of the country is approximately at 40.3399 latitude, 127.5101 longitude. The capital city of North Korea is Pyongyang.


A >>> Anju

C >>> Chongjin, Chongju

H >>> Haeju, Hamhung, Hoeryong, Huichon, Hyesan

K >>> Kaechon, Kaesong, Kanggye, Kimchaek, Kusong

M >>> Manpo, Munchon

N >>> Nampo

P >>> Pyongsong, Pyongyang

R >>> Rason

S >>> Sariwon, Sinpo, Sinuiju, Songrim, Sunchon

T >>> Tanchon, Tokchon

W >>> Wonsan